New Things

I am writing this today mostly because I feel the need to document the events of the past 21 months as an Ebenezer, even if no one is reading this anymore. Obviously, a lot happened for all of since January 2020. When I last opened this blog, COVID-19 was only vaguely on the horizon as a bad virus in China and none of us had any idea how much our lives were about to change.

Mine has changed tremendously.

In January 2020, I found myself in a place of contentment. I liked my job, was connected to my church, and was deeply invested in ministry. I’d finally embraced a life of singleness and most days had a sense of fullness and confidence in living out the rest of my days that way.

On January 29, I said yes to a dinner invitation, mostly because I figured once we had dinner, this man would realize he didn’t want to be with me and would leave me alone.

On February 1, we had dinner and talked for over four hours.

When the world shut down on March 13, we found the slower pace of life allowed us to continue getting to know each other more purposefully.

He asked me to marry him that summer and I became his wife in October.

17 months to the day after that “yes”, our daughter was born.

And here I am, Jason’s wife and Audrey’s mother. So much has changed in a short, short time.

We are slowly figuring out who we are as a couple and a family and resting in God’s kindness. I am learning new routines, new rhythms for walking with the Lord (because — no time!), and navigating how to establish community while we maintain a pretty small circle due to health concerns.

And I am confident of this – I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

I hope to write more about all that has happened soon. But for now, here’s an update. Life is crazy and very sweet.

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