We call it Good Friday for a reason. Two thousand years later, we know how the story ends. Yesterday, we remembered His death. We meditated on the pain, the suffering, the shame. I found myself wondering about how the disciples must have felt that day. Yes, He’d told them how it would all play out, but their actions on Sunday morning indicate that they really didn’t get it.

Instead they hid in the upper room. Devastated. Alone. Afraid. Some went back to fishing.

Saturday was probably the longest day of their lives.

Nobody was calling it Good Friday.

Every year I sit through Good Friday services and shed a tear or two. The cross and all that it means holds weight in my soul. Still, I don’t think I will ever feel about Friday the way those who witnessed it did.

Because I know how it ends!!!

The amazing “good” thing about Friday is the knowledge that Sunday is coming. In the words of Dennis Jernigan: “When Satan saw the blood he knew that Christ had won it and he knew that Sunday was on its way.” The very existence of Friday requires that Sunday follow. Death brings LIFE. My Lord died and was buried that Friday.


So, on Saturday, I wait in expectation. There is a joy welling up in my spirit that cannot be contained. It will spill out of my lips in beautiful songs of praise tomorrow morning as we celebrate the resurrection.

“As the Gospel stories clearly show, Friday happens, but Sunday is inevitable. Sunday is the resurrection, the day when all our meager hopes and wildest dreams come true, the day we as believers look forward to despite our present condition. This is a “hang in there” song; Sunday is not so far away!” – John Ellis

Broken promises, weary hearts
But one promise remains:
Crucified, he will come again
It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming

Sunday is coming.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

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