Show Us Your Life

I originally posted this in Kelly’s first SUYL Singles but I’ve updated and I’m trying again 🙂

I feel so strange doing this, but really, why not?  I have been reading Kelly’s Korner for a long time but I’ve never participated in one of her “Show Us Your Life” posts.

While this entire blog will tell you about me, here’s a short bio.  I’m Allison, turning 26 in a week, and I live in Lexington, VA, just two blocks away from Stonewall Jackson’s old house.  I’ve lived here for a year and a half and I work as a school counselor at a local high school.

I am the oldest of five kids, four girls and one lonely boy, and I love spending time with my family.  I grew up in Blacksburg, VA, so I am a huge Virginia Tech sports fan, but Clemson is growing on me because my sister goes there now.  I played volleyball and basketball in high school and in college (intramural).  I also love to sing (my dad is a worship leader), hike, camp….you name it.

Most importantly, I love the Lord and hope to spend my whole life making Him known.  That desire led me to attend a Christian college, Grove City College, in Pennsylvania, so that I could take as many classes about Christianity and the Bible as I could.  I love teaching others about God’s Word.  I became a school counselor for two main reasons – I have a passion for high school students (especially girls) and wanted to be “where they are” and I wanted to be able to have summers off so that I could do ministry.  So far I have gone on mission trips to Mexico, Belize, South Africa, and Taiwan.

What kind of man am I looking for?  Well, I have an incredible father so I tend to be picky, but a heart for God is number one.  I guess there are a lot of qualities that most girls want – smart, funny, athletic, but most importantly, I want someone dependable, trustworthy, and able to accomplish his goals.  An adventurous spirit and a love of travel don’t hurt, either 🙂

Here are some pictures of me.

With my college roommates – I’m on the far right

With all of my siblings (reverse age order…again on the far right)

Sisters (far right…hmmm I should change it up)

This time I’m on the left! I don’t always dress like that – our sorority was performing in Greek Sing

4 thoughts on “Show Us Your Life

  1. Just an easy going guy from NW Arkansas. I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I also love being outside and being active. I believe in treating “my girl” as a queen. My joy comes from knowing that she is happy. I lead a bible study on a weekly basis for a group in my singles department and love it!

    You have a very beautiful smile and your eyes light up the room! I wouldn't mind learning more if you wouldn't!


  2. Hi Allison! I know I just “meet” you about three minutes ago,but I have to say how excited I am for you that *someone* already left you a comment! I know God will work everything out for you better than you could imagine! 🙂


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