Livin’ On Dreams and Spaghettios

OK so I’m not quite that poor.  But ever since I moved into this apartment, the Martina McBride song “This One’s For the Girls” has been stuck in my head.

This is for all you girls about 25
In little apartments, just tryin’ to get by
Livin’ on, on dreams and spaghettios
Wonderin’ where your life is gonna go

So, without further ado, here is my new home!  There is also a bathroom, but I didn’t take a picture because it looks like any tiny bathroom.  And there is another bedroom off the living room but right now all it contains is my desk, a chair, a fan, a yoga mat, weights, and my exercise DVDs.  If anyone has any suggestins for making the place more homey, please share them.  I plan to buy or make curtains after I get a few paychecks.

One thought on “Livin’ On Dreams and Spaghettios

  1. It looks great!! Already very homey with all the pictures and personal touches 🙂 I like it a lot! How does it compare to your place in Williamsburg?? I'm sure you will enjoy having a place of your own now. Hope the job is going well – you're in my prayers!


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