He Sends His Love

When I signed my contract back in June, it said that while my start date was July 19, my first paycheck would not arrive until  August 31.  While I found that annoying, I knew that if I lived very carefully during those six weeks, I woud be okay waiting that long.

That being said, I still worried about money, especially about what would happen if some emergency came up during that time.  I also really want the apartment to start looking a little better, since it’s going to be my home at least until I finish paying back my parents for grad school (unless I get married before that…).  I wasn’t letting myself buy curtains or throw rugs until after payday. 

It wasn’t a huge deal, but it consumed my thoughts more than I wanted it to.

Yesterday I went to school for a couple hours after my new employee orientation.  Waiting in my mailbox was my first paycheck.  I was so surprised my eyes filled with tears.  It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. 

God is so good.

I hesitate to say that about this.  God is so good even if I don’t have a job.  Even if I have nothing to eat.  I know that, and I’m not trying to say that God wants us to have curtains or gym memberships.  He has given me abundantly more than I could ever need.  I acknowledge this, and I am so glad to finally be in a position to care for others financially.  But at the same time, this whole move and new job has been a trying experience for me.  This early check just served as another sign that He is with me.  He sees me, He knows me, and He cares. 

“God sends his love and his faithfulness.”
Now I’ve got to go iron some curtains…

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