My Unworthy Soul is Won

Yesterday one of our seniors committed suicide.  Those that were close to him are now experiencing the pain of loss and the guilt of wondering what signs they missed and what they should have done. 

The truth is we don’t know why and we probably never will.  The truth is that not one of his friends is somehow at fault because of something said or something left undone.  The truth is that this young man was in pain but chose to suffer in silence.  He is the only one who knows the answers to our questions and he’s not here to answer them.

I think the greatest tragedy in this life is for a soul to get to the end of its days and never know the Love of God that transcends all time and space.  Love that was there before the foundation of the world…that will remain when this earth is gone.  Love that can heal any hurt.  Love that is poured out for all….not because of who WE are but because of what HE has done. 

Lord, let me love others with the Love You have poured out on my unworthy soul.  May they come to know This Love…

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