Telling the Truth

Dear Heidi (and anyone else who still reads my blog even though this is only my second update in 6 months),

I am about to start blogging a lot more frequently.  I have a lot to say because in recent weeks I have learned a LOT.  About a lot of things.

One of my goals for this blog from the beginning was to be totally transparent – to share my joys and my sorrows, my triumphs and my failures.  There have been more failures and sorrows than triumphs and joys lately.  I want to share them completely, but unfortunately I can’t.

But I am going to share some, probably more than some people want me to.  Here’s the thing though – I’m tired of lying and covering my own faults to protect the greater faults of others.  If I am ever going to get my life back together I need to be open and honest. 

I need to tell the truth, to myself and to others.  I’m not lying anymore or covering things up just to help others avoid the consequences of their own choices. 

I’m telling the truth, for my own sake.  Otherwise I’ll never be set free.

Stay tuned….

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