Disclaimer: I didn’t write this (if you read this and know who did please tell me so I can credit him/her appropriately).  I’d copied into one of my journals several years ago, then happened to find and read the journal while sorting through a box of stuff from my parents’ basement.  It’s funny to see how much I’ve changed in these past few years, but still some things – the important things – remain the same.  Truth is still truth, and when I find it – in a word, in a song – something stirs in my heart.  “Then sings my soul….”

One choice
One tree
One fall for humanity
One lie
One liar
One bite is all death required
One great regret
One squandered chance, and yet
One hope
One day
One name above all other names
One bridge between then and now
One way to discover how
One price
One tree
One drop of crimson covers me

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