July Highlights

I don’t have a lot of time right now but wanted to give a quick update of what I’ve been up to this month (since it clearly was not blogging).
Some highlights:
— Working at Young Life camp one day a week in the snack bar (have had some crazy fun times with the other staff and campers)
— Hull’s Drive-in with the girls (so fun, but sometimes difficult to avoid seeing my students)
— VACATION!!!!!  I went to Maine for a couple weeks and had a great time seeing family and relaxing.  I spent a lot of time reading and learning to knit, and of course we spent most of our days playing on the lake.
— As I said in the bullet point above, I learned to knit.  I LOVE IT!!! I have a ton of projects in the works and I’m super excited about giving them to people once they’re done.
— I went to Harrisburg for the weekend before going to Maine and had an awesome time with one of my GCC ABT friends, Kim Thomas.  We went to a Senators game, the King of Prussia mall, Hershey Park, and a really cute winery, among other things.  I had a great time.
— We’ve had some major changes at school, the most exciting of which is the new look.  My first thought when I went in last year for my interview was that the color scheme (pale yellow walls, blue carpet) was rather daycarish.  Well now we have a very professional theme (brown and burgundy — yes, like a man cave but I like it), and I am hopeful that this will (maybe) set a new tone of professionalism throughout the building.  I also painted my office (moved to a new office) and spent much of this week rearranging furniture, hanging pictures, and, of course, scheduling students amidst the chaos.  I will definitely take some pictures next week and post them.
— My apartment also got a new look this summer! It’s still the same old walls and carpet with a weak air conditioner (it’s been killer this week), but I got new furniture – bookcases, end tables, sofa, kitchen table, and a few other accessories and it looks so nice!  I will try to get a post up with pictures from when I moved in last year and pictures of the place now.  I love coming home to this place now 🙂

— So now I’ve promised future posts and I will do my best to follow through.  Tomorrow I leave for a conference in Hampton and will get back sometime on Wednesday, so I should probably go do some laundry to I have clothes to pack…..

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