As Promised…New Looks

So official…poor Grade 9 doesn’t get represented 😦
This post was a little long in coming….the past four weeks have been extremely busy at work, but we had a FANTASTIC first week of school this week!!!  Hopefully soon things will start to fall into a routine.  For now, though, here are pictures of my new office and of my newly refurnished living room (and my home “office” that now actually has furniture). 🙂
Looking in..

Now for the living room…

The room is so small it’s hard to get it all in one shot, but I love the new look!

And here is the den/office/storage room, that I most often use for folding laundry and ironing 🙂

I also did some work in the kitchen this summer.  I decided my wonderful table I bought in Williamsburg, though dearly loved, was just too big for my kitchen and completely overwhelmed the room.  I had to keep it against two walls to fit and it ended up more being used as an oversized counter.  So I gave it to my sister to use in her townhouse and borrowed this smaller one from my parents.  It really opens up the kitchen and I feel like I can move around so much better!

Now if only I could do something about how dark the kitchen is…

That’s all for now.  Soon I will post about my life lately, and show off some of my recent knitting projects.  I’ve been quite productive!

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