Adventures in Gardening

One lovely Sunday afternoon in May, my sweet boyfriend drove five hours each way and built me a garden.

The summer of 2014 will now be remembered as the summer I learned whether my thumb was black or green.

So far, I think it’s a success.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

So far I’ve only come across two problems:
1) My summer squash plants keep dying when they are about two inches long.  I figured out today that it’d because the male flowers are not pollinating the female flowers.  That’s what I get for killing the bee’s nest on my front porch.  I did a little research on pollinating by hand and I’m doing to try that tomorrow morning when the blooms are open.
2) My skin is definitely sensitive or allergic to something in the garden.  I think it is more of an irritation, but I’ve been taking lots of benadryl and using hydrocortisone cream on my arms.  I guess this could be easily solved by wearing long sleeves and gloves, but it is so darn hot outside.  I wish I could figure out what plant so I could avoid growing it next year.
I’ll update my three readers soon on how the hand pollination goes!

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