My New Favorite Thing

Dear Podcasts,

It wasn’t until this fall that I discovered you.  What was wrong with me that it took me so long?  I love you.
Seriously, I think I was living under a rock until October.  I got taken in by Serial and my list of subscriptions has grown steadily since.
Here are some of my favorites (now that Serial is on hiatus):
The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey — I mentioned this in my last post.  It’s definitely my #1 — I feel like I’m just eavesdropping on two friends.  It’s fabulous.
The Therapy Show — a brother and sister team talking about all things psychology and sociology.  It was made for me. 
That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs — Annie is just so funny.  I wish she was my friend.
Stuff You Missed in History Class — I don’t listen to every episode, just the ones that look interesting, but they are short and I learn things.
And a few new (to me) ones:
World News Roundup — a seven minute summary of the news each day.  Keeps me informed but keeps me from becoming a news junkie.
Finish Line — this is a daily summary of the Boston Marathon Bombing Trial, so it won’t be around for long.  Two reporters discuss what happened in the courtroom each day.  It’s fascinating.  
I would love to hear what you’re listening to.  Send me recommendations!

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