Sweet, Sweet Summer

I’d like to apologize to me 1.5 readers for my blogging silence….just when I’d been getting better.

My trip to the beach, as fantastic as it was, threw me off.  It shouldn’t have, I know.  The hardest thing was my CSA batches got overwhelming since I had an extra week and I couldn’t keep up with the cooking.  I will start again next week.  In the meantime, here are some snapshots of what’s been showing up.

These are some of the most recent vegetables.  The snap peas are delicious and I love garlic scapes (now that I know what they are).  The purple kohlrabi is the next thing I will try.

My own garden has also been growing nicely.  I planted four tomato plants, zucchini, spaghetti squash, banana peppers, bell peppers, strawberries, basil, dill, oregano, cilantro, and thyme.  I think next year I will need to replace the soil as it quickly becomes depleted in the box.

My brother graduated from medical school in May.  We went straight from graduation to the beach for a week.

I attended my first ever Wine and Paint Night event last week with my friend Deb.  We had a blast! While I know I’m not the best artist, I am pleased with my first attempt at something other than stenciling.

And now for the big news.

Ashley’s pregnant!  Actually, we’ve know that for a few months now.  Here she is at 18.5 weeks with their first child.  She’s actually looking a little large…should have been a clue to what we found out at the 21 week gender ultrasound.
It’s a GIRL!!!!
AND ANOTHER GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That’s right.  Identical twin Mock girls coming sometime in September.  We simply couldn’t be more thrilled.  Two babies! We get TWO BABIES!
And I’m knitting like there’s no tomorrow 🙂

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