To Love the Truth Day 26: Walking in Truth

Day 26 of 31 and I’m still going strong! I really can’t believe it.

For the last week of this series I want to start looking at practical ways of walking in Truth.  How do we fill our lives with Truth? How do we learn to love it? How do we keep Truth at the forefront of our minds?

Here’s one that I’ve found recently for those of you on Instagram.  It’s an account called 100 Days with Jesus – each day she shares a Name or attribute of Jesus with a short devotional about what the name or the attribute means.  The words come in alphabetical order and we are counting down to Christmas day.

While this doesn’t replace my daily Bible reading, it is a nice way to have a reminder of Truth right there on my Instagram feed in the midst of browsing.  The posts give me pause to reflect on who He is for a while.

Here are a few that have spoken to me recently:
Guardian of My Soul
Hope of Glory

The more I surround myself with Truth, the more the opportunity I have see, hear, and live it.

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