To Love the Truth Day 31: Truth For All the World

Today is the final day of this series – I can’t believe I made it! October has flown by…though at times it seemed to drag on, especially the past week after I ran out of outlined posts.  I’m proud of myself for sticking with this.

For my last post I want to share an element of Truth I’ve experienced this month.  It’s something I’ve known on an intellectual level and believed for years, but I’ve now come to understand it in new ways.

The Gospel is for everyone.  Truth is not just universal, it’s personal for everyone in the world.  Truth transcends distance and culture and life circumstances.  It has power and the ability to transform all of us.

During this series visits to my blog have increased.  I hoped this would happen — I mean, I did link up to several other blogs.  What I didn’t expect, however, is that the vast majority of my new readers are some other countries.  To those of you who have joined me, thank you.  I hope my rambling has pointed you toward Him.

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