When Grace gets Messy

There’s been a lot of talk in Christian circles lately about how to address issues like same-sex marriage.  For those of us who realize protests and posters of Bible verses is only creating more problems, we must walk a fine line of holding true to what we believe and loving others with the love of Christ.

Enter Caleb Kaltenbach.  Now a pastor in California, Caleb was raised by gay parents and participated in gay pride parade.  He experienced his own “coming out” when he shared with his parents that he’d become a Christian.  In his book, Messy Grace, he offers a unique perspective about how Christians should engage the LGBT community.
If you’re looking for a black and white how-to, you’ll be disappointed.  However, Caleb does give the reader a lot of issues to consider and pray about and always, always, returns to Scripture.
**I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review.

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