"Not Knowing is Half the Fun"

Anyone out there get my Big Bang Theory reference in the title?

I don’t remember the storyline of the episode, but Penny tells Sheldon, “Not knowing is half the fun!”  His reply: “Was that the motto of your community college?”


Anyway, I picked up this book because the title reminded me of that scene.

Nonsense: The Power of Not Knowing

Jamie Holmes nailed it with the title and his book did not disappoint.  Holmes makes a somewhat difficult topic easily accessible to anyone with his down-to-earth writing style.  He appeals to enthusiasts of psychology, art, education, history and science in one fell swoop.

The two highlights of this book for me were the chapter about Waco and his applications for educators, the former because I didn’t realize how little I knew about the events in Waco and the latter for obvious reasons.

This review is intentionally vague because Holmes covers so much ground in a little over 200 pages.  You just need to read it for yourself.

And, I would argue that if Holmes had been in the room with Penny and Sheldon, he would have said, “not knowing is ALL the fun.”

***I received a copy of this book from http://www.bloggingforbooks.com in exchange for this review.***

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