Friday Finds

Merry Christmas! I’m finally on Christmas break — and of course my body still woke me up at 6:11am and I jumped out of bed thinking I’d overslept.  I couldn’t fall back asleep but I must admit I’ve enjoyed sitting on the couch with Finn, savoring my coffee in a real mug and looking at the tree.

Here’s what I’ve found for you this week.

For Thought:

Christmas Does – a great reminder for those who struggle to find happiness during the holidays

Why Time Management Is Ruining our Lives – the whole concept promises control and efficiency….but delivers anxiety and guilt.

Women’s Hope – I recently started listening to this podcast and it’s introduced me to a whole new group of Christian thinkers and writers.  As a starting point, listen to episode 42, in which Aimee Byrd discusses her new book, No Little Women. I think it’s the next one I will purchase.

For Fun:

2017 Reading Challenge – If you’ve been saying you want to start reading more, here’s some help for you.  Modern Mrs. Darcy just issued this 2017 Reading Challenge! I’m probably going to work through one of her lists.  And, if you need a list of books to help you get started, check out this list of the Top Books of 2016, as picked by bookstore owners.  I couldn’t believe how few of them I’ve read!


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