Friday Finds 2/10/17

Teacher workdays are my favorite! They are one of the few days every year in which we get actual one hour lunch breaks and can leave the building – what a luxury! I feel the need to point this out because there are trade-offs. Yes, we get summers and snow days but we also take work home every night, have to eat standing up, and can’t go to the bathroom at will.  🙂

Today is one such workday and I am hiding out in my office with my door shut trying to actually get work done. I am drowning in spreadsheets and paperwork at the moment, with course registration in full swing and state testing just around the corner.  However, I’ve got Ellie Holcomb’s new album, Red Sea Road, on repeat and I have nothing to complain about.

You should definitely find this album and listen to it. It’s wonderful, and the title track is amazing.

How can we trust
when You say You will deliver us
from all of this pain
that threatens to take over us?
This desert’s dry,
but the ocean may consume,
and we’re scared to follow You.

We will sing to our souls.
We won’t bury our hope.
Where He leads us to go,
there’s a Red Sea road.
When we can’t see the way,
He will part the waves,
and we’ll never walk alone
down the Red Sea Road.

I’m also really enjoying this season of The Bachelor. I look forward to watching (on Tuesday, since I have class on Mondays) and then listening to and reading other commentaries/recaps. Elizabeth posted a great roundup of some great options if you want to check it out here.

I am quite tempted to make this cake for Valentine’s Day, but I am afraid I will end up eating it by myself so….

Lastly, a wonderful coworker informed me yesterday that McDonald’s Shamrock shakes are back so go get one! Honestly, I will probably make that happen in the next week because if you wait for St. Patrick’s Day you won’t be able to have one and that would be sad.

Have a great weekend!

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