Friday Finds – St. Patrick’s Day & March Madness Edition

It’s one of my favorite weekends of the year!  I don’t care too much about St. Patrick’s Day – I’m not even Irish enough for it to count – but I love the first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament – so many games, so much excitement.  I almost want to take off work one year just to watch all the games…but I won’t. Not this year anyway. I also have a huge paper due Monday so I’m not even sure how much of it I will get to watch.  And I’m dying to visit the twins (and their parents) so that will take precedence.

Here are a few “Finds” for you from the week.

A Little Commentary on This is Us – this is the last time I will talk about this show for a while. The season 1 finale was Tuesday and I’m already looking forward to season 2. I think it’s a great show – there’s a lot of talk about it being emotionally manipulative. I disagree. I see it as teaching empathy.  That’s good for all of us.

If you are interested in having a little St. Patrick’s Day treat, here’s a recipe for a homemade Shamrock Shake that you can have whenever you want, because…here’s some terrible news…my local McDonald’s stops selling theirs BEFORE St. Patrick’s Day so I can’t even actually have one on St. Patrick’s Day. So that’s fun.

Sarah Bessey wrote a great post last weekend that resonated with a lot of people.  I appreciated her honesty and perspective. So I Quit Drinking.

Lastly, my good friend Chad Ashby wrote this great article for Desiring God a few weeks ago – Hospitality Is War. Chad is a pastor in South Carolina and the husband of one of my dearest sorority sisters, Mindy.  You can read more of his writing at

OK – I think that’s all I’ve got. Have a wonderful and restful weekend, Friends!

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