Maggie, the Wonder Dog

So this morning I got up and decided to write a tribute post to this cute canine, Maggie the Menace. She may look sweet but there are at least six people that will agree with me when I say she is most definitely not.

Thursday night, my family got home from my mom’s birthday dinner to find that Maggie had destroyed the garage (she tends to have psychotic episodes when left unattended…the vet prescribed anxiety meds). They let her outside and she ran away. She usually comes back after a half hour or so, but this time she didn’t.

Last night, my sister drove around town looking for her on the side of the road but couldn’t find her. We all assumed she finally got what she deserved…Thursday night games make for lots of drunk drivers…

So this morning I was going to try to think of something nice to say about this cute and cuddly puppy, whose behavior got worse as she aged, and not better. Once upon a time, she was an obedience school graduate. We loved her. Now when we make a command, she gives you a look that says, “I’ll do whatever I want, buddy.” (Actually, I think the look is a two-word phrase which includes a four-letter word that would be spelled with astericks on my blog…)

But I don’t feel the need to say nice words anymore. The Queen Bee showed up in the front yard this afternoon, cold and wet, but none the worse for the wear.

Sorry, Mom. It was almost the best birthday present ever.

2 thoughts on “Maggie, the Wonder Dog

  1. You evil evil mean faced MEANIE.

    I love that dog. I looked for her because I wanted to find her before mom and dad had a chance to kill her. If the woods would let me have her, I'd take her now and love her forever. In fact, I plan to find another place to live next year just so that I can rescue that dog, who I LOVE. You're just jealous that she never licks your face and gets giddy and wiggles her butt every time she sees you. BAH


  2. And this comment is just because I have to let you know that my word verification that I am about to have to type in says “flastbra” That's funny stuff.


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