….It finally happened. I am officially quite comfortable working as a counselor in an elementary school.

How do I know?

Today I yelled, no, emphatically corrected, a child during group. No more always affirmative, nice Ms. Mock. I am acting like a teacher now.

The kids noticed, too.

“Ms. Mock, you’re not as fun as you were last time.”

“Well, D., you made me that way.”

Can’t decide how I feel about this.

2 thoughts on “Well…

  1. I feel great about it. You should be mean….I mean firm with them. It's similar to the way I used to play that stupid “you be the mean circus man and I'll be the horse and you have to catch me and put me in jail” game with Kaitlin Stevenson until all of a sudden I realized I don't have to be her playmate. Then she thought I was mean but I was happy to not be playing that stupid game anymore. Way to go…..

    At first I thought it said ugly and I was offended.


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