Abbreviated Life Update

1. My sister now lives in South Africa, and I am going to visit in December.
2. I moved to a new house last Thursday. It is amazing! This means Finley Wendell (yes, my dog has a middle name) now lives with me full-time. I will post pictures as soon as I find and charge my camera.
3. In March, I began a second career as a Mary Kay consultant.  This is still something new for me, and I’m not making much money yet, but it is a fun hobby and I am hoping to grow this business.
4. I’m taking my time on Mary Kay though, because in May, I accepted a slightly different position at my current job.  I am now the unofficial (in other words, don’t use the title under any circumstances) director of school counseling at my school. Except that I’m not the director. I just don’t know how else to describe the job – my job description includes all of those responsibilities and I have the 12 month contract and the pay (heck, the title is even printed on top of the description, they just crossed it off in Sharpie…). The point is, I don’t have 5 years experience so I can’t be the director or lead counselor, etc. But as of July 1, I now perform all the duties of a director and they are no longer looking to hire one. Whatever. I am nervous but excited and hope that I am able to make a great place even better. My kids will be JUNIORS this year! They’re halfway done, and I’m already missing them. I’ve watched them grow and change so much, and I truly care about them deeply. I am so blessed to work here.
5. My only trip of the summer will be to travel to Dallas in the beginning of August for the Mary Kay seminar.  I hope that this will help me get the tools to really get this business going.  I want to be wearing a red jacket by September 15th — that means I must recruit 3 new business owners.  This is a remarkable company, and I would love to talk to you about the opportunity if you are interested. 🙂

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