New Year, New Post

This blog has been an epic failure lately.  I often find myself creating posts in my head but then fail to ever sit down and type them.  2012 was a hectic year.

I took some time this morning to journal and think about my goals for 2013.  While I won’t write them down here (there are 6), I will say that blogging fairly regularly is one of them.  To my 3 readers, you are welcome.

The past couple years I have also picked a one word theme.  This year’s theme?  Gratitude.

This year I will focus on God’s gifts.  Inspired by Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts, I will begin keeping my own list of all I’ve been given.  I will post some here.

For now, I want to highlight all the “gifts” mentioned in the first seven verses of Isaiah 43.

He created me.
He formed me.
He redeemed me.
He has called me by name.
I am His.
He is with me.  He will be with me.
He will not let me be consumed.
He is my Lord and my God.
The Holy One – my SAVIOR.
I am precious in His eyes.
He LOVES me.
There is nothing He wouldn’t give to deliver me.
He is with me — I have nothing to fear.
He has fought for me, is fighting for me, will fight for me all the days of my life.

Gratitude.  I think we’re off to a good start.

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