Farm to Table #2

Another fun week with the CSA!

This week’s haul included the following:
Baby pak choi
Green onions
Lettuce Mix
Braising mix
Alfalfa sprouts 
I also bought three turnips at Kroger because I thought I was going to get some and I really just wanted some turnips with my radishes. 🙂
I haven’t had the pak choi yet….still figuring out what I shall do with it tomorrow, but I’ve had some fun with the rest.
With the braising mix, I made a Quinoa and Greens Quiche of sorts.  I roasted the turnips and radishes with olive oil and parmesan.  And Sunday night for dinner I had my favorite meal to date.
I failed on the pictures this week but here are the turnips and radishes before they went in the oven.
And here’s the braising mix/sauteed onion/quinoa mixture before adding eggs and milk.
And…the best! Toasted Ezekiel bread with avocado, sprouts, and a fried egg.  Perfect easy Sunday night meal. 🙂

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