What I Learned: September 2015 edition

Linking up again with Emily for her “What I Learned” Series.  I know I learned more than what’s below this month…I should probably start writing them down throughout the month as I think of them.

1. Twins are fun! Cate and Callie are just awesome and I’m so happy they are part of my family.

2. Move over, PSL! I don’t care for you anymore. It’s true.  I have a new fall favorite at Starbucks.  Everyone should check out the Toasted Graham Latte.  And my “local” store needs to get the fun cups in stock.

3. I’m not the overachieving student I once was. After 6 years off, it’s been difficult to get back into the routine of reading for class, doing homework, and writing papers.  It also doesn’t help that for my current class, the professor didn’t give us due dates – everything just needs to be turned in on the day of the final exam.  Hopefully this improves or the next two yeas are going to be rough.
4.  Section 504 is some serious stuff.  I had to go to a training last week and by the end my stomach and head hurt.  I need a lawyer on standby.
5.  I’m an Obliger….which isn’t good for my personal health.  I’ve recently listened to several podcast interviews with Gretchen Rubin promoting her new book, Better than Before, about developing and maintaining habits.  She says that there are four main tendencies of habitkeeping and offers a quiz on her website to help people figure out which one they are.  Check it out here.
I took the quiz to confirm what I had already quickly realized from listening to Rubin’s summary: I am an Obliger, meaning I conform readily to external expectations but don’t take my own inner expectations seriously.  I’d rather hurt myself than others.  While there are certainly positives to this, I’m currently trying to eat better and exercise more (an INTERNAL expectation) and I’m not doing well.  I desperately need accountability, which is why my most healthy year ever was my senior year of college when I had a group of friends I exercised with daily and roommates that meal-planned with me.  My goal for October is to figure out how to create that environment in my current situation.
And now I must run to the grocery store to get emergency supplies (i.e., wine and cheese)….thanks a lot, Joaquin!

3 thoughts on “What I Learned: September 2015 edition

  1. Stopping over from the Chatting at the Sky link up. . . I also just read Better Than Before, and found out that I'm an Upholder. (I included that on my What I Learned list this month, as well!) Do you listen to Gretchen's podcast? It's awesome!


  2. Hi. Visiting from the What I Learned linkup and want to thank you for the quiz. I believe I'm an Upholder and recovering (the one that describes people pleasing). And thanks for the recommendation for the Graham Latte – I think I'll try that the next time I'm there!


  3. Wish we could still meal plan together, roommate 🙂 I am currently doing the 21 day fix and love it – it's exhausting but keeps me motivated since it's only for 21 days. Otherwise I am terrible at working out, and I usually meal plan for the first half of the week but the rest goes downhill!


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