31 Days to Love the Truth

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Click here to read the other days. I will add a link each day as the post goes live. 
Day 2:: Why Truth?
Day 4:: Sunday Song
Day 7:: But God
Day 8:: So What?
Day 10:: Our Future Home
Day 11:: Sunday Song
Day 13:: Fully Known
Day 14:: Blameless
Day 15:: Rich
Day 17:: Deeply Loved
Day 18::  Sunday Song
Day 19::  Nothing to Fear
Day 20:: He is Good
Day 22:: He Restores
Day 23:: Psalm 103
Day 24:: I Belong
Day 25:: Sunday Song
Day 27:: Adoration
Day 28:: Truthtellers
Day 30:: Sharing Truth

I guess you could call this my October resolution.  I am participating in 31 Days – a writing challenge in which you pick a topic and post about it every day in October.  I’ve read several of these series in the past couple years and I’ve always thought about trying it but always wimped out….mostly because I never had anything I was anxious to write about for 31 consecutive days.

But here I am.  Writing.  I guess you can thank Emily Freeman, because last night I finished her book, A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live and I felt convicted.  I need to stop giving myself excuses for why I’m not “ready” to share my art with the world. I want to write. I’ve wanted to since I was a girl.  I’ve written so many blog posts that I never shared because they weren’t good enough.

But here I am, God’s poem.  And today and the rest of October I will stop censoring myself and I will write.  And I will write about Truth and what I have learned to love this year.

My inspiration comes from 2 Thessalonians, and that is where we will start today.  The phase “to love the truth” is actually found in a word of judgment in chapter 2 verse 10: “They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.”

Wow. There’s already so much write here.  To love the Truth brings our salvation.  I’ll be looking at Truth these next 31 days.  What is Truth?  How do we love it?  Join me this month as I think through it right here.

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