Friday Finds

This is the last Friday before the Presidential election! The ads and the idiocy will [maybe] be over! #canIgetanAmen

It’s also my sister Heidi’s 25th birthday –woohoo!

Are You Taking the False First Step? This post is so challenging and convicting.  How many times have I invested money into a new initiative or goal before actually doing the work? This advice is so good: Build the habit before spending the money.  My (broken) FitBit immediately comes to mind.  “Don’t let buying something be the action you take towards accomplishing your goal.”

The Gone Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on the Train – this was so interesting to me.  “A number of patterns emerged in our analysis: The ‘girl’ in the title is much more likely to be a woman than an actual girl, and the author of the book is more likely to be a woman. But if a book with ‘girl’ in the title was written by a man, the girl is significantly more likely to end up dead.”  Side note: I’m currently reading The Woman in Cabin 10.

Any other Hamilton fans out there? It was just announced yesterday that “The Hamilton Mixtape” is coming soon. Pre-orders begin today, and I personally can’t wait. My favorite song in the musical is “It’s Quiet Uptown” and I’m excited to hear Kelly Clarkson sing it. I’m pretty sure Usher’s version of “Wait For It” will be memorable, too.

Finally, since my one and only regular reader has asked for an update, I’ll share some more about Blue Apron.  I’m 2/3 of the way through my second week of meals and I am most definitely a fan.  This works for me — the two person/3 meal plan provides me with all of my dinners for a week, so all I have to buy is eggs and coffee for breakfast, and salad fixings or hummus and pitas for lunch.  The impact on my grocery budget is negligible.  What I’ve noticed is that I have far less food to throw away, since Blue Apron sends me exactly what I need for the recipe (example: 2oz of baby kale for last night’s dinner, so the other 6oz that I would have had to buy at Kroger don’t get wasted).  It also allows me more variety in a weekly menu, since I have yet to figure out how to make a meal that serves fewer than 8 people (thanks, Mom). I will be the first to admit this type of meal service won’t work for everyone (or probably any super picky or nonadventurous eater – this week includes beets, cranberries, farro, kale, collard greens, and saffron) but I love it.

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