Friday Finds

A couple links of reactions to Tuesday’s election.  My heart is heavy and I’m struggling to articulate it. I’m slowly writing a post that I may or may not share…we’ll see.

What the Exit Polls Reveal About America

Victories That Will Never Satisfy – this is written by the husband of a dear college friend.

And on to lighter things, because that is what we all need right now.


These are the conversations I have with my students and it’s why I love my job, even during the harder  years.

My sweet sister is getting married three weeks from tomorrow! You can view Amy and DeWayne’s engagement photos here. I cannot wait to stand next to her while she pledges her life to best guy for her.

And finally, I just read this amazing blog post about a little girl who was recently adopted. Our God is one who works miracles of all kinds. Check it out! 

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