Friday Finds 2/24/17

*this was scheduled to go out Friday but clearly I messed something up*


I’ve got a few things to share this week, nothing much though. It was an extremely busy week at work – the earliest I got home was 7pm on Wednesday…and even tonight I am covering an event and won’t be home till 9. I am looking forward to staying in bed as long as possible tomorrow morning. I hope Finn has some compassion.

A couple interesting posts:

Why Papa is Not Aslan – a helpful explanation of the theological problems with The Shack.

Blessed are the Winners – a tongue in cheek gospel according to Trump. Sadly, it sounds like a speech he’d give.

19 Things to Give Up for Lent that aren’t Chocolate – this gave me a lot to think about. My coworker/friend (she’s the best) and I are both planning to give something up for Lent and keep each other accountable so I have have been giving this a lot of thought. I tend to give up some kind of food thing…but I don’t think I am going to do that this year. My motivation for that thing is really to lose weight, so in that way my Lenten practice is an idol and that defeats the whole purpose of Lent. So, while I am very much on a diet and trying to lose weight (because it is necessary, not a vanity), and will continue to do this during Lent – it won’t be the Lent focus. Also, I don’t just want to give something up without finding a way to “replace it” with Jesus. I want to tie it in to abiding in Christ. I’m leaning toward giving up the snooze button and spending that time reading Scripture or in prayer. Isn’t that the point anyway?

And for some fun: 26 Teacher Problems – sorry for the language, but these are so on point. Especially the last one.

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