What I Read: February 2017

[Linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy to share what I’ve been reading lately.]

February was another good reading month for me – I read another 9 books! It’s an eclectic bunch, as you will soon see, and I recommend nearly all of them.

Here they are (in the order I read them)


The Selection, The Elite, and The One – Kiera Cass – what a fun YA series! To me this was The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games (at least it exists in a post-apocalyptic world that reminds me of the series – the contestants aren’t killing each other). It was a quick, fun, read. There are still two more books in the series but I haven’t read them yet – they feature different characters so the third book felt like a natural stopping place. I read these novels in 4 days.

Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leading, and Finding the Church (Rachel Held Evans) – this is one that I felt like I should read so that I knew what it said. I read it fairly quickly, but found several of her arguments headed down a dangerous path. I just don’t know about this one.

The Mothers (Brit Bennett) – this was a wonderful and captivating debut! One of my reading goals this year was to read more from diverse authors and this one fit the bill. It’s a believable, well-told story, that I don’t want to give away. Just read it.

The Underground Railroad (Colson Whitehead) – I’m a little behind the times with this one. This is a National Book Award winner from 2016 and tells the struggles of slaves fleeing their plantations on the Underground Railroad with a twist….the railroad is a real underground train system. A unique take on some hard subject matter. The railroad is the only thing fanciful about this book.

The Sun is Also a Star (Nicola Yoon) – another YA novel by a diverse author. This one chronicles one day in the life of two teenagers in New York City. It’s a big day for both of them (in very different ways) and I quickly found myself rooting for them both. An engrossing story from the beginning.

As You Wish: Inconceivable Takes from the Making of The Princess Bride (Cary Elwes with Joe Layden) – I read this one very quickly and thought it was ok. Fans of the movie will appreciate a behind the scenes look at filming, but I felt like there wasn’t enough for Elwes to write to make a 250+ page book worthwhile.

No Little Women: Equipping All Women in the Household of God (Aimee Byrd) – Byrd confronts the problems she sees in the Christian publishing industry, especially with regard to the type of product it markets to women. She uses Scripture to back her claims and offers practical suggestions for women and Church leaders. I look forward to reading her other books.

One thought on “What I Read: February 2017

  1. No Little Women sounds really interesting! I will have to search for that one! I really like The Princess Bride so I have been wanting to read As You Wish.


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